Fatigue Made Easy

Fatigue failures have been documented and researched for over 150 years. Despite all of the understanding that has come from this research, unexpected failures still occur. Why? Fatigue is a complex subject, and it is easy for a non-expert to become overwhelmed by all of the detailed fatigue theories and features of analysis software.

This training session, taught by Dr. Darrell Socie, makes fatigue easy and provides a few simple ideas and concepts that can be used every day by design and test engineers.

Seminar Outline

  • Historical background
  • Physics of fatigue
  • Characterization of materials
  • Similitude (why fatigue modeling works)
  • Variability
  • Mean stress
  • Stress concentrations
  • Surface effects
  • Variable amplitude loading
  • Welded structures

Who Should Attend

This seminar will meet the needs of design and test engineers who want to or should know about fatigue. Although the course is meant for non-experts, fatigue experts may also benefit from the examples presented.


Understanding a little about the background and physics of fatigue will allow you to effectively exploit established technology to provide durable products faster, cheaper and better.

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