Multiaxial Fatigue

More than 80% of all failures in the ground vehicle industry are fatigue-related, and most of the related components are subjected to multiple loads, potentially leading to a multiaxial state. Accurately calculating the fatigue damage of these components is a critical aspect of designing to product life cycle. The analyses, however, are only as good as the underlying algorithms.

The Multiaxial Fatigue Theory seminar, taught by Dr. Darrell Socie of the University of Illinois, will provide an overview of multiaxial fatigue theory and offer useful tools & techniques that can be used every day by design and test engineers.

Seminar Outline

  • State of Stress
  • Stress-Strain relationships
  • Fatigue Mechanisms
  • Stress-Based Models
  • Strain-Based Models
  • Nonproportional Loading
  • Stress Concentrations

Who Should Attend

This seminar will meet the needs of design & test engineers who want to or should know more about multiaxial fatigue. A basic understanding of fatigue theory is assumed.


Understanding what a multiaxial state is and how to deal with it will allow you to effectively predict product life cycles and provide durable products faster, cheaper and better.

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